Sunday, March 20, 2011

DIY Storage Solutions

One thing I have become obsessed with since starting cake decorating is storage solutions. Just don't look in my baking cupboard, it's a mess in there!!

Aside from buying all the necessary flower cutters and moulding tools required for my kit, it quickley became apparent I would need a way to store all these newly purchased goodies. Now all these ideas could possibly be used for other crafty pursuits - such as painting, scrapbooking, kids craft stuff or even makeup, jewellery or hair accessories!

Top of my list is my newly-acquired fishing tackle box. I have been looking for one for yonks that was plain coloured and not too manly, I jazzed it up a bit with some silver sparkley letters with the name of my small business, with the thinking that if I have to drop off a cake anywhere I can take this filled with any "emergency" equipment I may need. A tool box is also a good option - evidenced by the plethora of them that have appeared in my cake decorating classes!

Next is my tool holder. I actually purchased this one off Trademe as I was in a hurry to find something to store my tools in. I have just picked up some material to make my own one, as I already need something that is a bit longer with more little pockets to store stuff in!

Never underestimate the simple shoebox. These came in so handy with transporting my pieces to the show held recently. Boot boxes are great, if you don't have any at home just ask at a shoe shop - they should be able to hand some over to you for free (hopefully!)

Snaplock bags - perfect for storing all sorts of goodies. I use them to hold my various flower cutters, all labelled, then I store those in a larger one. This method takes up less space in your kit which is always nice!

Clip containers are great for holding messy items, such as gel colours which can make a mess even if you think they are securely screwed closed!

This wire holder is such an awesome invention!! It stops your wires getting bent and it also makes it so much easier to get them out one at a time. You can purchase one here.

I discovered this tray full of little plastic containers the other day at Spotlight. Perfect for storing my dusting powders in, but they could also be used for beads or glitter. 

This stackable plastic containers are great, because of their shape they take up a lot less space. This one stores my kremelta, cornflour and icing sugar. 

I hope all of those give you guys some ideas of how to store your crafty goodies!


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  2. this is a brilliant idea, looks great.

    good job!

    Helen, X

  3. Awesome idea! Thanks for posting!!


  4. Wow check out your awesome cake making box, that is so cool! do you really have no cupcakeries near you? that sucks!!! maybe you need to open one up! haha