Friday, December 17, 2010

New Business Cards

A special package arrived in the post for me today - my new business cards for "Sequin Corner Cakes". I made these on Vistaprint last week, a great website where you can put your logo or picture on a whole bunch of different things!

Can't wait to get these out and about among my friends and family, the perfect way to get my business out there. I included a special section on the back so I can write the date of when the cake is due and other details for the client.

My first order is some buzzy bee cupcakes to be dropped off on Christmas Eve to a friend. I'm looking forward to getting them ready and delivering them!

Christmas Time = Christmas Cake!

Well it's that time of the year - time to pull out the Christmas cake! My Grandma always makes the Christmas cakes for our family, but I had been set the task to make one for my cake decorating class so this year we will have 2!

These pictures show the different things I decorated my cake with. Everything is made with fondant icing mixed with Tylose (a hardener) and the occasional toothpick. The lettering is cut out with stencils which I have in upper and lower case. I have used a "Kiwiana Christmas" theme for my cake - pavlova, jandals, ham, buzzy bees, a kiwi and gumboots. Everything is edible!

The cake is fruit cake made with ginger ale, cranberry's, sultanas, raisins and a dried berry mix. Something a little bit different!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Welcome to my new blog! I decided to dedicate one blog purely to cake decorating. You can check out my other interests on my first blog A Sparkley Silver Lining which include fashion, cooking, photography and DIY crafts.

I hope to include some tutorials on here for various cake decorating techniques, as well as some photos of cakes I have made and plans for cakes I want to make.

Thanks for taking a look!