Friday, March 4, 2011

Cakes times 2

I had to post these pictures of the cakes made for my parents recently. They have their birthdays within a couple of days of each other so we celebrated them in the middle.

My Dad is really into tramping so I wanted to make him a mountain cake with snow, a glacier and a lake like the photos he brings home from his trips. For my Mum I wanted to make a simple, classic cake - her favourite colour is red and I included these shoes I learnt to make the other week at class.

The tramping cake is banana flavoured, the red cake is carrot flavoured. I say flavoured, because they don't contain fruit or nuts. My tutor recommends not using real fruit or nuts in a cake as a classmate made a banana cake for a wedding and the fruit fermented, causing the cake to explode when the bride cut it....not pretty. I'm so happy with how they turned out!! We cut the red cake and tried some, it was pretty good and fed about 12 people with some left over so that worked out well!!

I have also been busy making my competition cakes. I have one week left!! So next weekend I will have some new photos to put up. I''m so excited to see what everyone else comes up with!


  1. Wow ! That's really cool :)
    Great how u made the pumps,

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    wanna check my blog?
    we can follow each other if you like :)

  3. Exploding cake? What what... D:
    These cakes are amazing, well done!

  4. these cakes are absolutely marvelous!

  5. Wow, these cakes really do look amazing x